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With over 25 years of combined experience, you're in good hands.


We want nothing more than to help you while building our legacy. We have made plenty of money. Now its time to give back! We understand what a new Forex trader feels, the excitement, frustration, and drive. We want you to know that we are here for you 24/7 no ifs, ands, or buts about it. We actually do care. We genuinely enjoy helping people. And if you want to take your skills and income to the next level we offer services to fulfill those dreams and make them a reality. Let's build something great! Unfortunately, this industry makes it easy to build something great.


This industry is full of scams, and money hungry losers who have never profited in actual trading. We want to be a refreshing new vision of what this industry has to offer. We expose the brokerages and the scam artists. We out trade everyone... We actually GAF (Give A Fuck) about or members. When you are with us your on OUR TEAM!


"Why would you help me, what's in it for you?"

Number one reason is to actually help people... Everyone knows that helping people feels good and it helps us sleep better at night...  When we get a great, life-changing message from a member it fulfills the spirit. We also struggled for YEARS and wish we had mentors who really told us how it is... Now we're not Mother Teresa, that's actually a selfish answer; it feels good!


The second reason is recurring revenue and income... Trading is limited... But building a business around it is not... (Honesty always wins ;)


We build loyalty. Real loyalty. Join the team and you will see we're Phamily!


More about how we operate, our deals, and more: https://t.me/pipphenesinfo



-Pip Phenes Team

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 ·All Trading Pairs

·Long Term Swing Traders | 3-11 Days | H4 & Daily


·24hr Expire Limit | Time Zones Won’t Matter!

 Take Within 24 Hours of Posting Signal


·Will Depend on The Market

·Quality Over Quantity

·Risk Management

·Millions Made, Years of Success, Years of

 Success Stories & Results, No BS No Hype.


·Real Pip Calculations | No Micro Pips Here!

·$300+ Accounts Only Please – We want you to make your membership fees back from trading!


·0.05 Lot Per $1,000 Balance

·1,000+ Pips Per Month Average… Remember pips DO NOT MATTER- Can be negative pips and profitable!

What really matters:

·10%+ Monthly Profit – Usually Exceeding 20% 


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