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Lungile Ngwenya (Facebook):

“At first I was skeptical being in other country and not really knowing the company very well and there being a lot of scams etc, so I joined the free signal group. Beginning of this month I signed up for the monthly signals, MY GOD!! Best decision of my life!!! Best signals hands down!! I'm happy!!”


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We are not your typical BS FX Signal Provider… We are the real deal, we have been in operation looking to help traders for 5 years now under PipPhenes Inc. We have been trading these markets for decades and have *actually* made millions of dollars *trading* not selling services.


We will help you no matter what level trader you are, we will help you get your broker right, your trading accounts setup, and your charting on point. We will teach you how to use some basic indicators, fibs, and drawing tools to spot highly profitable trading setups.


WE DON’T WANT YOU FOREVER! We want to help you become a self-sufficient trader, then we want to let you fly! Our job is to train you and kick you out of the nest! However, once a Phene always a phene. Your part of the Phamily now. You will realize we have a tight group of great people and we are family…


What does a Pip Phenes Membership get you?

Our memberships include:

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  • TCAM Group: Trade Copier & Account Management Group.

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We care about you. Our motto: “We Actually GAF!” And I assure you, we mean it.


Our Services Not For You?

No problem, we offer 110% Money Back Guarantee! (Conditions do Apply)

We also have a refund rate of less than 0.2% over the last 5 years.

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  • All Trading Pairs (However, we focus of a select few most of the time)

  • Long Term Swing Traders | 3-11 Days | H4 & Daily (Also, easier to manage)

  • 24hr Expire Limit – Time Zones Won’t Matter! | Take Within 24 Hours of Posting Signal

  • Will Depend on The Market – Unlike most providers who try to guarantee daily action, sometimes the best trade is no trade! How many trades per week will depend on a lot of market factors!

  • Quality Over Quantity. Always! | Trades will build up over the course of two weeks.

  • Risk Management | We teach you how to manage your trades properly – Important!

  • Millions Made, Years of Success, Years of Success Stories & Results, No BS No Hype.

  • Real Pip Calculations | No Micro Pips Here!

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  • 0.05 Lot Per $1,000 Balance

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