Have you been thinking about your future?

We are in amazing times! No other time in history have we had the opportunity to get our hands in such a global shift.

With economy on the verge of collapse, block chain waiting to take over, and all the political rue. You can make a Sh*t Load of money. 

Cryptocurrency is going to change the world as we know it. Not just our money, but the way the internet works as a whole with blockchain. 

Investors trying to grok the landscape compare it to the dot-com bubble of the late 1990s, when valuations soared and it was hard to separate the Amazons and Googles from the Pets.coms and eToys.

This bubble was around $4T (About $16T worth now) now multiply this by the global populous instead of just the USA (26X on Average) 416 Trillion dollar marketcap is where you end up. 

The cryptocurrency community is centered around a tightknit group of friends — developers, libertarians, Redditors and cypherpunks — who have known each other for years through meet-ups, an endless circuit of crypto conferences and internet message boards. Over long hours in anonymous group chats, San Francisco bars and Settlers of Catan game nights, they talk about how cryptocurrency will decentralize power and wealth, changing the world order.

We believe we can have a 31x year (3,100%) increase before the year is over, no problem. We personally think we will see 200 times return on every dollar invested. You just need to know what coins to be in...

Do not count crypto out!

There are only a few winners here... Will you be one of them?

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