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Numroto Plus is the ideal tool for precise contouring and surface shaping in all kinds of wood and metal.Transcriptional regulation of the human IFIT1 gene by hepatitis C virus protein 3a. Human interferon-inducible protein 1 (IFIT1) is the first host protein identified to be strongly induced by hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. Here, we identified an HCV sequence in the promoter of the IFIT1 gene. The HCV 3a sequence is necessary for HCV-mediated IFIT1 induction. We found that the HCV 3a region located in the stem of an HCV-derived RNA and was required for the IFIT1 induction. The 3a region was also found to contribute to the translational regulation of IFIT1. A structural analysis indicated that 3a protein has no intrinsic RNA-binding activity and is required for the assembly of the HCV replicase.The present invention relates to a structure for fastening a structural member to a metallic material, such as sheet metal, the structural member being a part of the exterior surface of a vehicle. More particularly, the invention relates to a clip for fastening a part of the exterior surface of a vehicle to the metallic material, such as sheet metal. Known fasteners of the type to which the present invention relates are disclosed in U.S. Pat. Nos. 3,400,893 and 3,834,366. In these known fasteners, the fastener body, which is mounted on the vehicle by an insertion from outside the vehicle, comprises a resilient gripping member and a head element projecting axially from the front end of the fastener body. In assembling the fastener to the metallic material, the front end of the fastener body is pushed through an aperture in the metallic material and the gripping member of the fastener body resiliently engages an inner surface of the aperture of the metallic material to fix the fastener in the aperture. In the known fastener, the head element is pushed into the aperture when the fastener is in its mounted state. The head element serves to increase the strength of the engagement between the fastener and the aperture and to prevent the fastener from loosening in the aperture. In the known fastener, a member called a slip plating is adhered to the back of the head element. This slip plating has a low melting point and is generally made of molybdenum. The slip plating, by melting,




Numroto Plus FULL Version 45 funsvync

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