Join our Trade Copier & ACcount Management Sevice for June

*Minimum Account Balance We Will Manage $2,000 Balance*

Under $5,000 Balance

$2,000-$4,999 Account balance

I want to join the TCAM with under $5K account balance

($150 One Time Setup Fee


Lifetime Active Setup Fee Payment

*You only need to pay the setup fee once for a lifetime of TCAM services, TCAM is also included in Lifetime and Yearly Membership plans

Over $5,000+ Balance

$5,000+ Account balance application

I want to join the TCAM with a $5,000+ account balance (Free/No Setup Fee)


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What is the TCAM?

PipPhenes Inc. "TCAM" is a Trade Copier Based System. TCAM stands for Trade Copier & Account Management. This service allows us to take and manage the trades on your account for you, you get to profit hands-free with our expertise. 

We offer accounts under $50K account management via a trading mirror software.

We offer $50K+ accounts a full account management service. Contact us for details.  

Requirements For Our TCAM Service:

You must have a starting balance of $2K+ for us to consider adding you to our trade copier service, for balances between $2K & $5K we have a one-time setup fee of $150.

For $5K+ balance accounts we offer the service for no upfront cost, just the profit share performance fee. 

You must use our recommended broker (Traders Way) You must sign up with our link. We used to let anyone in with any broker, the issue is the copier systems do not work correctly and it's not worth either of our times to try to fix it constantly. Also, you would miss out on a significant amount of profit, which in turn makes us lose money. So we have implemented a strict same broker only policy. Reason for using our partner link is not for the affiliate commissions (we do get those btw) as the amount earned from it is negligible. We need you to be with our link to make sure that we are all bundled safely under the broker, we have quick and clear support communications, and it ensures we will have a smoother management experience. 

You must use a VPS server, a VPS server keeps your account online 24/7 - 365. You are not allowed to run without a VPS as trades won't take, won't close, be modified, will disconnect from our account, etc. if you don't run a VPS. We are also pretty strict on using our recommended VPS solution FXVM. The basic plan is sufficient at $19mo and will save you and us, thousands of dollars and endless hours. FXVM is also designed for this purpose and is a cost-effective solution. We need you to use our recommended VPS due to all members and master account being on the same system, when outages or disconnections, or updates occur it's far easier to manage and helps with support times. 


We have a profit-share based performance fee. Basically, we charge 40% of the *profits* each month end, you keep 60%. We only charge this fee on the profits we make you.

40% of the net profit is owed at the end of each trading month, if we do not profit that month; we don't get paid. We only get paid when you do! 


Profit share can be paid however you'd like. You can w/d from your trading account in dollars, you can w/d from your trading account in crypto and send straight to us, you can pay via PayPal, credit/debit card, etc. It's up to you. 

Expected Returns & Performance: 

We give an average monthly return of 30% as an answer to this question. 

The real answer is: It will really depend on the market and our schedules. 

We can only react to the market, some months it's just not that good to trade, we do not force trades. We only take what the market provides if our criteria is met. 

Expect an average monthly gain of around 30% (of your account balance) *after our performance fees. 

We hardly have negative months but they do happen once in a while. We can promise you, you will make more with the TCAM than most any other traditional investment. 


Our $20K-$40K TCAM Master Account Results On 1.00 Lots 

Gains December: +$4,663.89, +16.9%, +2,690.2 Pips

Gains January: +$175.19, +0.8%, +2,580.1 Pips (FYI: gold, silver, wti trades throw pip stats off)

Gains February: +$3,998.40, +17.6%, +1,156.0 Pips

Gains March: +$16,850.05, +63.1%, +2,370.1 Pips

Gains April: TBD

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